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Wireless Internet

Wireless or satellite Internet is one of the options for availing Internet connection like DSL line fiber-optic connection or dial-up line. This service deploys satellite or hub station supported infrastructure. Satellite Internet operates in different frequency bands. For all your Internet needs such as browsing, sending and receiving files and information, the connection from the user's system goes to the hub station via satellite in the space. Once the connection is established between VSAT, satellite and hub station, it responses as a leased line connection to all Internet requests and data transfer applications.


Advantages of Satellite Internet Connection

Satellite Internet service has innumerable advantages but since it is placed at a height of approx 36000 Km, its advantages can be best harvested in the hilly areas.

  • It is faster as compared to the dial-up Internet service.
  • The connection is wireless and can be established without any kind of wired infrastructure such as phone line, DSL line or cable.
  • Based on one's bandwidth requirements, a larger number of users can be housed in the network.
  • Satellite Internet service can be installed in several areas where other networks cannot be installed or accessed.
  • The encryption units at Hub station and VSAT sides keep the communication on safe and secure.

Drawbacks of Satellite Internet Connection-

With so many advantages, users may face multi-faceted challenges with their satellite Internet connection.

  • The connection gets affected in the poor weather conditions.
  • Satellite Internet can expensive as compared to the other options.
  • During peak usage times, satellite Internet service can be slower as compared to the cable or DSL.
  • In case of defaults, you can not just fix the system with a simple reboot, but it takes a good knowledge of satellite or VSAT technology.

In the end, you have to decide according to your Internet-related requirements that how useful this Internet service can be for you.

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